The eyelet, also known as an eyelet or eyelet, is a small generally metallic ring intended to pass through a cord. Provides reinforcement to the material on which it is applied, such as cloth, canvas or textile, and is used in various applications such as awnings, tents, candles, protections for swimming pools, signage and footwear, to mention some.

For the correct application of the eyelets, it is necessary to have Precise machinery that applies the exact force without deforming the small parts, ensuring a perfect result. It is essential to choose a robust and durable machine, considering the frequency of use daily for years.

The eyelets can be self-drilling, making the hole in the material, or they can be applied on a material with the hole previously made. However, for maximum performance, it is recommended use a machine that perforates the material and places the eyelet in a single operation.

Depending on the type of eyelet, the volume of work and other factors, a manual machine may be sufficient or a automatic eyelet placement machine.

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In this type of machine, the user manually places the eyelet, and the washer, if any, in the nozzles before each riveting. The force necessary to carry out the operation can be provided by a hand lever, a pedal, a pneumatic cylinder or an electric motor.

These machines are ideal for small productions with different types of eyelets. By changing the set of nozzles or dies, it is possible to use a wide variety of different types.

In addition to having safety systems that protect the operator during the riveting process, if the volume of work is sufficient, the use of an electric or pneumatic machine is recommended to place eyelets. These machines reduce the effort of the operator and increase productivity.

If you want to maximize productivity, you can also consider upgrading to automatic eyelet machines. These machines offer optimal performance.


Our automatic eyelet placement machines are made to measure, adapting to the specifications provided by the client. These teams have a drum that is filled with eyelets and, if necessary, another drum for washers.

Each component automatically descends through an independent channel to the drilling and riveting dies, allowing the material to be drilled and the eyelet to be placed with or without a washer in a single work cycle. The main advantage of our automatic eyelet machines lies in their ability to achieve high production volumes.

At S.P Jover, we offer automatic pneumatic eyelet machines that require a compressor or pneumatic installation. In addition, we have automatic electric machines that dispense with the need for an auxiliary air intake. The latter offer an automatic movement of fabric, allowing the placement of multiple eyelets with an adjustable distance. This significantly increases the volume and quality of work performed.

Our company has extensive experience in the sector, manufacturing machines to place eyelets, snaps and rivets. We serve clients in various sectors, such as footwear, textiles, signage and carpentry. All our machines are made to measure, guaranteeing the robustness, durability and reliability that we have acquired during more than 80 years of experience.