Shoe Hooks: Reinforcing Style and Functionality

Hooks on shoes play an essential role in ensuring a secure and custom fit of the laces or straps. These small hook-shaped metal pieces are inserted into the eyelets of the shoe, providing anchor points for the laces and ensuring a firm closure.

Hooks are especially popular on hiking boots, athletic shoes, and hiking shoes, where a secure fit is required during active activities. They allow users to adjust the laces according to their preferences and engage them at different levels of adjustment, ensuring optimal support during use.

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Manual and Automatic Machines to Place Hooks in Shoes

In the case of manual shoe hook placement machines, the user manually places the hooks in the nozzles before each placement. These machines are ideal for small productions with different types of hooks, since they allow a wide variety to be used by changing the set of nozzles or dies. In addition to guaranteeing the safety of the operator, these machines incorporate safety systems to prevent injuries. For larger volumes of work, the use of electric or pneumatic machines is recommended, which reduce the effort of the operator and increase productivity.

As for the automatic machines for placing hooks in footwear, they offer the highest level of productivity. These custom machines feature a drum to load hooks and, if necessary, washers. Each part automatically descends through an independent channel to the punch and place dies, allowing the material to be drilled and the hooks to be placed with or without washers in a single work cycle.

In S.P. Jover, we are specialists in the manufacture of custom machines to place hooks in footwear, as well as snaps and rivets for various sectors such as footwear, textiles, posters and folders. With more than 80 years of experience, our machines guarantee robustness, durability and reliability. Improve your shoe production process with our high-quality custom solutions.

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