Snaps: Quick and Effective Closure for Garments and Folders

Snaps, those nifty pairs of interlocking discs, represent the epitome of quick and effective closure solutions in the world of fastenings. Crafted from sturdy metal or durable plastic, these unassuming components are a staple in an array of products, including garments and folders, as well as a multitude of textile applications.

The versatility of snaps is unmatched, finding their place across a spectrum of materials such as fabric, canvas, and even plastic. They serve as a reliable and functional answer to the need for an easy-to-use closure mechanism in everyday items and high-end apparel alike.

In the pursuit of perfection, the role of press stud machines becomes crucial. These machines are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, delivering the precise amount of force required to join snap components flawlessly—every single time. Ensuring that there’s no room for error or deformation, a machine’s precision is just as important as its strength.

Selecting a robust and durable machine is fundamental to maintaining the integrity of your products. Especially when considering the sheer volume of operations it will execute over its lifetime, the resilience of your machine directly correlates to the quality of your closures.

At S.P. Jover, we specialize in engineering press stud machines that are not just built to last, but are also designed to operate with unerring accuracy. Embrace the blend of speed and security with our top-tier machinery, and witness a seamless closure process that does not compromise on functionality or efficiency.

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Manual Machines to Place Brooches

In this type of machine, the user manually places the pieces of the male and female fastener in the nozzles before each riveting. The operation can be performed by manual lever, pedal, pneumatic cylinder or electric motor. They are ideal for small productions with different types of snaps, since they allow you to change the set of nozzles or dies as needed. These machines have safety systems to protect the operator during the riveting process.

Automatic Machines to Place Brooches

It is recommended to use electric or pneumatic machines to place fasteners, since they reduce the effort of the operator and increase productivity.

Automatic pin setting machines are custom devices built specifically for a customer-supplied type of pin. These machines incorporate drums that are filled with male and female snaps respectively.

Each component automatically descends through separate channels to the punching and riveting dies, where the material is drilled and the fastener is set in a single work cycle. The main advantage of these automatic machines is the high production capacity they offer.

Whether in the footwear, textile, signage or folder sector, at S.P. Jover we offer customized machines to place snaps, eyelets and rivets. Each of our machines is made to measure with the robustness, durability and reliability that characterize us after more than 80 years of experience in the sector.

Ensure efficiency and precision in your brooch placement processes with our automatic machines. Get superior results and optimize your production with the quality that only S.P. Jover can offer you.

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