Also called eyelet, eyelet, eyelet…. It is a metal or plastic ring intended to pass through a cord, rope or whatever it secures. Provides a reinforcement in the material that is applied. It is applied to fabric, canvas or textiles, used in different applications, such as awnings, tents, sails, protections for swimming pools, signage, or footwear to mention the most relevant.

To apply a quality eyelet that fulfills the function for which it is intended, great force is required, which causes wear and tear when using the machine hundreds or thousands of times a day for years.

Choosing a robust machine with proven durability is a very important factor to take into account when investing in this type of machinery.

An eyelet can be self-drilling and make the hole in the material itself, but for harder materials, non-self-drilling eyelets are used, and the machine is in charge of making the hole and exerting the necessary pressure to place the eyelet with or without washer in the same work cycle, to increase productivity.

Depending on the eyelet, the volume of work and more factors, you can A manual machine will suffice, or you may need a machine for the Automatic eyelet placement.

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In this type of machine, the user must place the eyelet, or the eyelet and the washer, manually in the nozzles, before each riveting.

The force necessary to carry out the operation can be by means of a manual lever, a pedal, a pneumatic cylinder or an electric motor.

Its use is highly indicated for small productions with different types of eyelets. By changing the set of nozzles or dies you can put a multitude of different types.

This type of machinery has security systems and the user places the eyelet and washer. They also prevent injuries to the operator, at the time of riveting.

If the volume of work is considered sufficient, an electric or pneumatic eyelet setting machine is always recommended. These machines reduce the effort of the operator and increase productivity

You can also go to the next level, and assess the machines to place automatic eyelets, with which maximum productivity is obtained.


They are machines made to measure for a specific eyelet provided by the client. In this type of machine, a drum is incorporated where it is filled with the eyelets to be riveted and another for the washers. Each part automatically goes down an independent channel to the punching and riveting dies.

To drill the material and place the eyelet with or without washer in a single work cycle. The main advantage of automatic eyelet placement machines is the volume of production that is obtained with them.

S.P Jover manufactures automatic machines to place pneumatic eyelets that require a compressor or pneumatic installation.

Also automatic machines to place electric eyelets without the need for auxiliary air input.

S.P. Jover has machines to place eyelets, snaps, rivets. Whether in the footwear, textile, signage or carpentry sector.

Always made to measure with the robustness, durability and reliability acquired in our 80 years of experience.

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