Rivets for Leather and Textile: Reinforce Style and Durability

Rivets are essential elements in the fashion and clothing industry, providing reinforcement, style and durability to leather goods and textiles. Find out how these little joining devices enhance your products.

In fashion, rivets are used to fasten labels, close pockets, join layers of material, decorate garments, and more. In addition to their practical function, they add an aesthetic touch and enhance the design of your products.

In the case of leather, the rivets reinforce areas exposed to intensive use, such as bags and straps, preventing premature wear. Keep your leather pieces in shape and functional with strong, durable rivets.

In textiles, rivets strengthen seams and joints, allowing customization and the creation of unique designs in clothing, footwear, and accessories.

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To place rivets, you can opt for manual or automatic machines. Manual machines are ideal for small productions and offer versatility in the choice of rivets. Activated by lever, pedal, pneumatic cylinder or electric motor, they facilitate the placement process.


If you need higher productivity, we recommend electric or pneumatic rivet setting machines. In addition, we offer customized automatic machines, with drums for rivets and washers. These machines riveter automatically, maximizing efficiency.

At S.P Jover, we have automatic pneumatic and electric machines to place rivets in various sectors. Trust in our experience of more than 80 years to obtain robust and durable machines.

Guarantee the quality and longevity of your leather and textile products with the right rivets and our specialized machines. Reinforce the style and durability of your creations with our precise and efficient solutions.

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