Rings in Footwear: Reinforcing Style and Functionality

Shoe rings play an essential role in the shoe industry by providing distinctive style and enhancing the functionality of shoes. These strategically placed small metal rings anchor the laces, ensuring a personalized and secure fit.
In addition to their practical function, rings add an aesthetic touch to shoe design. Available in different sizes, shapes and finishes, designers can incorporate interesting and personalized visual elements. Whether using shiny metal rings for a modern look or plastic rings in complementary shades for a more understated look, these pieces add to the overall look of the shoe.
Rings in shoes not only offer aesthetic benefits, but also enhance their functionality. They provide a reliable anchor point for the laces, allowing for a precise and secure fit around the foot. This is especially important in sports activities, outdoor walks or situations that require greater support and stability.

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In this type of machine, the user manually places the rings in the nozzles before each placement. The necessary force can come from a hand lever, a pedal, a pneumatic cylinder or an electric motor.
These machines are ideal for small productions with different types of rings. By changing the set of nozzles or dies, a wide variety of different types can be used.
In addition to guaranteeing the operator’s safety during the ring placement process, these machines incorporate safety systems that prevent possible injuries.
If the volume of work is sufficient, the use of electric or pneumatic machines is recommended to place rings in the footwear, since they reduce the effort of the operator and increase productivity.


For a maximum level of productivity, the use of automatic machines for the placement of rings in footwear can be considered. These custom machines include a drum to load the rings and, if necessary, washers. Each part automatically descends through an independent channel to the drilling and placing dies, allowing the material to be drilled and the rings with or without washers to be placed in a single work cycle.
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